“But I know, without doubt, that the weight of change is lifting day by day, and there’s a whole sparkling life underneath.” –Melissa Warten

Seasons come and go, I know we all experience some form of change- from one season ending, to another beginning. It’s not always the easiest though. Seasons of change can leave us feeling excited, overwhelmed, or an odd combination of both. I’m going through a huge change right now and it has been very challenging.

I’m a junior at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, and I’ve recently moved from one team to another on student leadership. I have recently stepped into a position leading the marketing team under the department of spiritual formation. Prior to this, I was working with a team called HOLA. I’ve worked with HOLA for the past two years and it helped shape my college experience. It’s where I learned to be better equipped as a leader, the place I made all my best friends, and some of my greatest memories were made while working under this team- it was my element and where I was most comfortable. Now, I no longer work alongside my best friends, nothing is familiar to me anymore, and being on a new team comes with it’s challenges.


Seasons change, and we need to fully take it all in- everything; the feelings we feel, the experiences we get to partake in, and trusting God has HIS purpose for this new season.

It’s being patient in transition and understanding that God is fulfilling the plan for my life that is challenging. If you’re too going through a season of change, I want to encourage you that there are highs and lows, but believing that God has me has been the most reassuring aspect that has helped me through transition. Yes, the weight may feel too much to carry, the thought of failing comes, and not knowing what to expect may creep fear in me from time to time. Don’t let those things stop you, God has positioned you to step into a new season- so take the step, while trusting he has you, even when you fall. Step out, even if it means making mistakes, trying again and starting all over.

God has done such a transition in my own heart as well. The new changes-in the natural (switching up job roles), have come with spiritual changes as well. God wants to take us from glory to glory and that only comes with transition in our own heart. The one thing that God has shown me the most through this time, is to be still. In my own heart, I’m learning what is to fully trust him, not by mere words, but acting upon that action of trust.

Like the quote I stated in the beginning, the weight of change does lessen and there is a whole lot of life underneath it. I’ve learned to take change day by day and am learning to become much more familiar with the new. Also, it’s important to be fully present in this new position, I want to make the most of it! As you should too, make the most out of every new season!

With all this being said, we’ve decided it’s best if I step down from the blog and fully transition into my position and completely be all in for what God is doing here at my school. Seasons do change, but I appreciate all that I’ve learned in the past seasons and I know it will help me for the season I’m in now and it’s the same for you. Don’t shy away from new seasons, embrace it!

This isn’t a goodbye forever, I love everything that is going on with Daughters of Day and completely believe in everything that is being done here on the blog! I hope to be able to see you all on the blog soon, by doing contributing posts.

Always know that God is by your side in transitions, and that you are a daughter that is so loved by our Father!

With love,