Concrete Jungle
Shoutout to all the plants growing through concrete.

Really, you're the real MVP's. It's tough to grow from something described in the dictionary as,  "A stone like mass on hardening."

 When I read that, what I understand is that growing a flower in concrete is impossible, UNLESS you're some of the few species who just won't give up. A recent website I came across said this about the very topic regarding a photo they posted of flowers growing through concrete - 

Though grasses or weed like, the ones in some of these pictures can seem weak, they can expose cracks and weaknesses in construction materials to their advantage and see the light of day once again. And even deserts, some of the world’s harshest climates, can host thriving plant populations if you know where (or when) to look.
 Photo credit: GNY Tale Photography

Photo credit: GNY Tale Photography


WOW. So, concrete isn't such a negative thing after all. Maybe the challenge of growing through what seems to be an impossible situation, is to our benefit. Maybe the victory experienced from not only growing, but thriving in the midst of a "stone like mass" helps our roots to go deeper, and our persistence to be stronger. 

I can't help but think that even roses in their delicate nature, and daisies in their effortless sunshine and beauty sometimes wish they had the ability to thrive in difficult or improbable areas. Roses are tender and sweet. Roses do what they're told. When the sun shines, they grow, when it is in absence - they die. The same goes for numerous flower species, but the few flowers that push through adversity, are the flowers I wish to embody in my own life. 

I may not be the shyest or sweetest plant. I may not be the plant that says yes to everything without questioning. (I'm the plant that wants answers, and an explanation to that answer 24/7 LOL) - but I know what kind of flower I AM. I am the flower that grows through concrete. I AM the flower that chooses to thrive in the desert. 

I have a spark lit under me right now if you can't tell. I think it may be thanks to spending a week in the city that brings out the best and worst in all of us pursuing our dreams, New York City.

New York is gritty, lacking a lot of color, and anything but comfortable. To even walk to a corner store in Manhattan you have to push through millions of people. It's not called the concrete jungle for nothing. What makes me love New York so much, is that it's a garden overflowing with flowers that bloomed surrounded by concrete on all sides. It's a city that inspires you because of the people. It's bursting with opportunity - IF you'll push through the dry, harsh bitter cold, and see Spring on the horizon. Our trip to NYC was soul food for my tired spirit. I needed it more than I realized. I have some specific dreams and plans I saw for myself on pause right now because of unforeseeable circumstances, but the city reminded me that a pause button, isn't a stop button, and "not right now" doesn't mean "not forever". In ways, I feel surrounded by concrete on all sides, but I choose joy, I choose strength, and I choose optimism. I'm determined to bloom - despite any threats my surroundings may bring. Not one inch of concrete, nor trials, or challenges will kill the seeds of ambition and determination I've planted. 

Enjoy this little photo diary of my trip last week! I was so happy my best friend, Amanda Smith ended up being in the city the same week as me and my hubby (by chance!) Community is good for the soul. I was smiling allll week. I pray this post inspired and encouraged you. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Chat soon!