Exchanging Fear for Purpose

    FEAR. What a nasty four-letter word. Fear used to be the banner I waved in everything I did. It became my home. I had an open-door policy for negative thoughts, insecure behaviors and bad habits, all because I was afraid. Of everything, but mostly, being great. Today I want to share briefly on fear and purpose. How you’ll either have one, or the other, but never both simultaneously. I can say on this Wednesday afternoon, February 10th, 2016 I have a purpose. Purpose to live, a purpose in pursuing my dreams, a purpose in following God. I have 100+ reasons every day to wake up in the morning and fear sure aint one of em’. A few years ago I chose to exchange my fear of being great for purpose, and my life has never been the same since. The door for opportunity has remained open and even when it seems closed, I go for it. I don’t have it all together by any means, I mess up every day, multiple times a day. I’m constantly missing the mark, putting myself first and failing to be like Jesus, but I’m trying; and trying to follow Jesus means far more to Him then living life as a perfect, flawless saint. My relationship with God has become an open book where I tell Him exactly how I’m feeling, how scared I am, how ugly I feel that day, how mad I am that I sang a wrong note or forgot a line on stage, how upset with Him I am that I lost my job, the list goes on…

I’ve learned to feel purposeful and live purposefully and fearlessly despite the multiple areas in my life where I constantly fall short.

I’m aware that this mindset is so much easier said than done, so I made a list just for my favorite ladies on leaving fear behind, and saying hello to purpose and confidence!


  1. Get over yourself.

The director of the worship team I serve under, Josh Daughtry always tells the worship leaders “No one cares.” when we get insecure and start over-analyzing a set. It’s hilarious, such a simple statement to live by and honestly so profound! At the end of the day, no one cares. Of course there are exceptions to this mantra and this is 100% situation based, but the point I’m making here is this, when you’re not so pre-occupied with “self”, and more focused on advancing the kingdom of God in whatever capacity you can with the gifts He’s placed in you RIGHT NOW, He’ll increase your confidence, decrease fear, and increase your purpose.


  1. Be excellent.

Excellence is 100% Biblical, ladies! Give God your best, whatever your “thing” is, become a master at it! If you love to sing, take vocal lessons (plenty of free stuff out there on Youtube!), if you love to paint-take classes & study the work of previous artists, if you want to become a successful photographer-read books on photography, invest in a good camera, and start shooting! You’ll be amazed at the sense of purpose and God-given confidence you inherit simply from starting. Forget your fear, it has no place in your life, and dare to BEGIN.


2 Timothy 1:7 puts plain and simple for us “God doesn’t want us to be shy with his gifts, but bold and loving and sensible.”


  1. Embrace your suckiness

    It’s okay to suck at some stuff. It’s okay to mess up. It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to not have your life completely planned out. It’s okay to change majors. It’s okay to go back to school in your 40’s. It’s okay to admit you’re wrong. It’s okay to say sorry. It’s okay if you’re a beginner, as long as you begin.


    That about wraps it up, folks! I so cherish these moments weekly where I get to sit in front of my computer and share my heart with you all. I adore you guys, truly, and hope this post was a timely, prophetic Word tailor-made for you, from God. I hope you’re brave, fearless, kind and find a new sense of purpose as you kick fear in the butt once and for all. It’s a daily battle, but you can do it. Don’t ever forget you’re a Daughter of Day, a queen in every sense of the word. Go out there and kill it!