Bianca VanWindt

Giving out of Need

Bianca VanWindt
Giving out of Need

 Hi Daughters! xx

Bianca here! I pray you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving with family and friends. Mine was so special and heartwarming. Being with family and celebrating gratitude always puts life in perspective for me. It reminds me of the bigger picture, and reminds me how blessed I am to have purpose, hope, and the love of Jesus in such a dark time.

Lately I’ve been meditating on the concepts of giving and contentment.

Blame it on the spirit of the holidays or the fact that I’ve heard quite a few messages on this subject from the pulpit lately. Either way, it’s been on my mind and I’ve been itching to write about it! I considered writing two separate blog posts on this subject, but I soon realized giving and contentment are one in the same. I don’t think you can truly be content and at peace without being a giver and putting others before yourself. In the same way, you cannot be a giver without being content that Christ will see you through and provide in your need.

5 years ago, at the age of 18, I made a decision that I would give my life to helping others no matter the cost. Now, I realize that sounds inspiring and poetic, but there is a cost to putting others before yourself. As soon as you tell God, “Whatever you need, I’m your girl.” He’ll ask you to do things you never imagined fell under that “Whatever you need” umbrella.

About 3 years ago in a prayer service, clear as day, God told me to stop eating out for a year and donate the money I would have invested in restaurants to the A21 Campaign. A21 Campaign is an amazing non-profit organization abolishing sex-slavery in the 21st century, led by one of my role-models, Christine Caine.

At the time I was working part-time as a custodian with no car. I was literally scrubbing toilets to eat and save for a car, get my license and simply make ends meet. I knew I didn’t want to be a custodian forever, and rarely had over $40 in my bank account at a time after tithe, offerings and paying my phone bill. For God to ask me to stop using the little bit of money I had to eat and give to an organization I knew nothing about seemed baffling, and a little harsh, but I did it.

At the time I was also in Bible college which made the idea of never eating out near impossible. Somehow, God provided above and beyond my needs that year. It surely wasn’t easy. I didn’t end up getting a car that year, and gave all that I had to A21. I had plenty of ramen lunches and lunch left-overs for dinner, but I survived. As a matter of fact, I didn’t simply survive, I thrived. I’ve prayed some of the biggest prayers, and heard God’s voice the loudest while I worked those custodial shifts.

God had a purpose for me in a season that looked nothing like I imagined.

In my obedience, slaves were set free. I don’t take that lightly. I don’t take giving lightly.

God will often times ask us to give in the very midst of deep need. He asks us to serve others out of our weakness. God stretches us, and mold us, and shapes us through trial and through sacrifice. It’s a part of choosing Jesus, giving is unavoidable.

Whether you consider yourself a consumer, or a giver, I urge you to use whatever you have to give to those in need. I truly believe we are BLESSED to be a blessing!

God can move mightily in our need, and bless us in ways we never imagined. I am so excited to be able to give YOU the opportunity to rescue girls out of the sex-trafficking industry in India through DAUGHTERS Gathering. This is going to be an inspiring night of fellowship for our DOD community at the beautiful Credo coffee shop in Downtown Orlando. (

If you haven’t already signed up for Daughters Gathering, you can do so here: ttp://

100% of the proceeds from Daughters Gathering will be donated to missionary Joe Gordon. He has devoted his life to rescuing women of all ages from sex slavery in India. Truly inspiring.

I encourage you today, to give out of your need to impact the life of someone else. It is the single most rewarding action you may ever do.

I love you guys to pieces, until next time.