It's Been a While..

HELLO THERE! Excuse the all caps, I’m just SUPER excited to share my heart with ya’ll today. It feels like it’s been forever. A month and a half to be exact. I (Bianca) got super busy traveling this summer (I spent over 4 weeks away from home) and it honestly just got tough to post consistently, or at all.. I traveled for 2 weeks with Mainstream Worship leading worship at youth summer camps which was a ton of fun, it was my 3rd year doing it and it honestly gets better every year! God always gives me fresh perspective and new vision for what we has for me in the fall during our summer tours. I spent one week in South Carolina on family vacation which was a BLAST. I don’t get to see my family as often as I’d like due to being 22 + basically adulting 24/7 etc..

Finally, I spent a week in Louisville, KY at the National Fine Arts Festival competing at the college-level and leading high-school teams. I actually just got back from that trip last week and it was nothing short of amazing! This was my 6th year going on this trip and it always stirs up my passion for the arts and challenges me as a writer, singer, worship leader, and just as an artist as a whole. I actually got to meet some DOD followers at the National Fine Arts Festival which was cool, (and also kind of weird for me since I never actually see the faces I’m writing to.) If you’re reading this right now and I met you at some point this summer, hi again! I wish I got to see you guys in person more often, thankfully, the DOD team has some surprises up our sleeves that will change that in the near future! So, know that we have weekly blog posts coming back to you from me and a number of amazing contributors, as well as new devotional videos!

Now, enough about me. Let's talk about Jesus, life, the usual. A few people have asked me what God is teaching me in this season. To be honest, He’s teaching me a LOT. I’ll go further into detail in future posts but to summarize,

I’m learning the irreplaceable value in being sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

I think knowing who God the Father is, is amazing, He’s our Dad and He knows what’s best. Having a relationship with Jesus is the best because He’s such a sweet comforter and friend, but there is something so powerful about tapping into the full power offered to us through the Holy Spirit. I recently had to make some major life changes (quitting my only job without another job lined up being one of them). I was praying and fasting one week and I felt the Spirit whisper to me clear as day, “Let it go.” I knew instantly this meant for me to leave my job. It made no sense to me, but I put in my 2 weeks immediately without hesitation and within days I had another job that paid almost DOUBLE lined up. The crazy thing is, I didn't even go looking for a job, it fell right in my lap!

I could tell you dozens of other stories of moments I relied on my sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to guide me when it made no earthly sense. I’m not always 100% obedient, but when I am, I never EVER regret it. I encourage you today, whether you’re 13 or 33, give God a few minutes of your time right now. Whether you’re reading this on your phone in the car, or in your room on the computer tell God right now, that He has your full attention. Ask Him to make you more sensitive to His voice, ask for direction on where He’s taking you and for an unwavering obedience even when it doesn’ make sense.

I hope you were encouraged by this post! I love you guys to pieces, whether it’s your 1st time or 30th time on the site, THANK YOU for your support! Be sure to follow us on social media.

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As always, don’t forget YOU are a Daughter of Day- a queen in every sense of the word! Until next time

Xoxo, Bianca