Knee Deep

Prioritize God and His values; He will reward and satisfy you in the end. - Psalm 37:4

As a recent graduate from college, I found myself receiving many questions I didn’t quite know the answer to. What are you doing with your life? Is there a man? Are you living at home? How can you see yourself accomplishing your dreams in the future? As I began to answer the questions, I found myself disappointing many. The answers that I had given from my heart seemed to fall short of what others were expecting.

No, I don’t have a specific plan. No, there is not a man in my life, and yes I know the passions God has put in my heart but I have no clue how I am going to get there.

Maybe you’ve been in the same boat?

It’s okay to not know exactly what you are doing with you life! I mean, who really does?

It’s often that we find ourselves looking at where we are, and seeing that we are not quite where others think we should be or where we wish we were. Almost as if what we are doing or where we are, just isn’t cutting it. Whether it’s career, family, or a dream, it can seem that we are only so far, yet have SO much further to go.

If you fall into any of these categories, let me gently lift that burden off you.

It’s easy to get bombarded and start to believe or question where you are in life when hearing the world’s noise around you.

As I was reminded, when pursuing the Lord, you are exactly where you need to be, no matter what that might look like from the world’s perspective. His purpose for you does not depend on where you are, but rather on the position of where your heart lies with Him.

“The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart”  -1 Samuel 16:7

Lately, the Lord has reminded me that it’s not the level of what I am doing, but where I am in His eyes that matters. For me, that is being a single 22-year-old recent graduate from college with a business degree and heading into the church planting field. Answering some of those questions can be a little intimidating.

Maybe you have a similar story?

I have realized that many people might not look at the next step I am taking as sufficient, “smart” or even grand, but for me it is the greatest step of faith I have ever had to take. Why am I going? Because I feel this is the step He is leading me to. Let’s be honest, Gods direction for our life is never truly what we are thinking, but it is superior to our plan, and entirely rewarding in the end. As I was listening to a song recently, one of the verses stood out to me.

“…I’m standing knee deep, but I’m out where I’ve never been” - Bethel

It’s funny how God uses different things in our life as a unique way of getting our attention. Though we look at where we are and see “knee deep”, He sees something completely different. He sees a faithful daughter.

The song goes on to say,

“…but I’m out where I’ve never been.”

This is our hearts cry, because we know we are only in water so deep, but we need someone to see how hard it is to be there, (even if we’re only to the knees.)

It’s like a dad teaching his young daughter (or son) how to swim. It doesn’t matter to the father that his daughter is only knee deep, just that she is trusting Him.

She’s out where she has never been.

The father is happy and excited because he knows that the only reason she has gotten in the water is because she wants to be closer to him, she trusts him, and ultimately she wants to learn how to swim! The father’s heart for his daughter to go deeper and accomplish great things is something that is a beautiful part of how God created us. The world may look at how far you are in the water, but God knows the steps of faith you have taken to get there.

We can choose to see from the world’s perspective, looking at what we are doing in life and be discouraged because we are not where others think we should be, orwe can see our journey in faith, knowing He sees every step ever taken to get where. We must rest assured that He is pleased by our faith to trust in His plan, no matter what that looks like.

What He has in store is worth pursuing! As we have heard before, don’t look to the left or to the right, but keep your eyes on Him. He will fill us with great joy, courage, and hope as we pursue all that lies ahead in our journey. It’s not where we are that defines us, but where we are going and whom we are going with. This life is about building our faith, trusting the Lord, and obeying His direction.

It’s not the level of depth you are in, but the courage to obey, be closer and trust that captures the father’s heart! Though the world may see a graduate moving to a place they know little about, helping with a church plant and living with little, God delights in our ability to be obedient and trust.

You might be in a situation where you are standing knee deep in the worlds eyes, but you are taking a step of faith deeper than you have ever been. 

Wherever you are in life, shallow or deep, if you are pursuing the Lord you are exactly where He wants you! Our devotion to follow Him through the walk of this life is what stirs His heart and draws us close.

The song goes on to say,

“Whatever it looks like, whatever may come I am yours…”

With love,

Lauren Gilleylen


Lauren has been a dear friend of mine for almost 10 years (time FLIES) , and I have greatly looked up to her all those years. Not only because she's stunningly tall and drop-dead gorgeous, aka basically a model. Anyone who knows her, knows she is desperately in love with Jesus and people!

Show her some love by connecting with her through social media, and lets keep her in our prayers as a community of women as she endeavors on planting a church in Denver, Colorado. (Go Lauren!)

Insta: @laurenloe

FB: Lauren Gilleylen

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