Mirror, Mirror

Lately I've been thinking about mirrors, about how no matter who you portray yourself to be to the outside world, no matter what version of yourself you show society to mask your insecurities, when you get home at the end of the day, your most raw, unfiltered self will ALWAYS be staring back at you.

Your reflection can never be manipulated or changed. You can never hide YOU from you. 

I got to a place a few months ago where I realized this rang frighteningly true for myself. I looked back, and saw someone hollow. 

I made a promise to myself that I wasn't posting again until 2018, until I felt like I had something valuable to say, but you deserve an explanation. After all, there is no DOD without YOU. If you follow me on social media (@biancavw on Instagram, @daughtersofday on IG, Bianca VanWindt on Facebook, I pretty much abandoned Twitter & Snap lol) then you know I made an announcement about a month ago saying I was going on hiatus with D.O.D. until the New Year.

Maybe I'll share details in a future blog post, but for now, I'll just say I was on the brink of crumbling. In one of my lowest places, and knew a break is what I needed to not completely disappear before 2017 ended. Only those close to me could see it, and they are the ones that had to reveal to me I needed to seriously fix some areas of my life. I show the highlights of my life on Instagram, and value the tight knit group of people I do life with. I believe we should protect our seasons, and not share every little detail of our lives prematurely. This blog post is more of just an update to let you guys know Bianca's still alive and well! I'm enjoying my new life, my new husband *melts*, and my new city. God is doing so much in me, truly stretching and growing me. It's hard, but the most fulfilled I've ever felt. 

 For now, since I won't be posting again until 2018, I wanted to quickly say thank you. I'm sitting alone in a cute little organic shop called Grown in Miami and reflecting on all the GOOD I've had the privilege to witness first hand through the movement of Daughters of Day this year and I'm tearing up. Our Daughters Gathering in June had about 100 women in attendance, another sold out event, and it's all thanks to your support in the last year and a half.

It's been a slow journey, and I know I haven't been the most consistent with it. It's a huge flaw I have with the website - consistency, but reflecting back on this year with you girls, the thousands of you I have the privilege of doing life with thanks to the internet, my heart is so full.

When I look in the mirror of Daughters of Day, the little blog I started January 2016 that has changed my life forever, I see women all over the globe being transformed by transparency, community, love, acceptance, and Jesus. I see the tear-stained faces that look at me at events. I see the mothers that cry on my shoulder because they found hope for their daughters. I see the e-mails of girls who decided to follow their dreams as a result of a Gathering, video, blog post, or social media post. 

I see lives CHANGED, and females everywhere EMPOWERED. I believe we are just scratching the surface of our potential, and I'm honored to continue to bring you along for the ride. Be patient with me, I have a lot of dreams and not enough hours in the day with working full time and being in full time ministry. BUT - you're not forgotten, I'm dreaming up the next DOD Gathering, I'm dreaming up new ways to keep us connected, new life experiences to share on the blog, more inspiring stories from women, more advice, more love, more tears, more laughter. I may even begin sharing some fun lifestyle posts (fashion, home, beauty, wellness) to show you guys a little bit more of who I am outside of DOD.

 All in all, I want you to expect MORE Daughters of Day in 2018. It was a wild year moving cities, getting married, finding myself.. but I wholeheartedly believe we are JUST GETTING STARTED. 

You with me? Let's do this!

See you in 2018 ;)

 P.S. - enjoy the photos below from the last Daughters Gathering! Figured I would share them for those out of state who weren't able to make it! A completely life changing day. Thank you to all the panelists - Marlee Hightower, Coleen Otero, & Kendall Altmyer, my team members (Samantha, Steph, Amanda, Jenny, Shay, Evelyn), the day of volunteers, videographers (Alexis Gauthier @lextakepicstogether), photographers (Shay @shaycaptures on IG), decorators (Tori at Passe Design (@passedesign) killed it!), and for my best friends who helped me set up all day. Thank you to The Balcony Orlando for sponsoring this event - and giving me the wedding of my dreams hehe. Thank you to my other amazing sponsors who donated their services- Krispy Kreme, White Flag Co, Desiree Alyssa Hair, Hrt & Soul Co., and New General Coffee shop.  Women are truly more powerful, TOGETHER. 

All my love always, 

Bianca xx

June 2017 DOD Gathering

Location: The Balcony Orlando