Purposeful Love

“How deep

How wide

How high

Is your love for me, I can never see the end”

-Never See the End by Amanda Cook

I absolutely love the song that’s mentioned above, it clearly shows God’s love for us. There’s no end, we can’t fathom how much he truly loves us, we can’t even wrap our minds around it, and he loved us before we even comprehended what love is! What a love that can’t compare to anything or anyone else!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, how fitting to speak on love. I can go on and on about God’s love for us and you might be thinking, well I’ve heard this a million times before… You’re probably right, but the main point I want to hit in this blog post is yes, God loves you so much, but will you honor him in the season you’re in?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, all the single ladies (can I get a hand raised while Beyonce playing in the background)- okay I may or may not be kidding. Sometimes being single around this time is a little hard to bear, when couples post all over social media, seeing their entire date through snapchat, and it seems like everyone around you is having the fun and you’re missing out. It’s easy to feel uneasy during this holiday. I want to speak to you and let you know, don’t let it get to you, embrace the season you’re and enjoy it to the fullest potential!


There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens: Eccelesiates 3:1


It may sound a little cliché, especially during this time, but truly honor God by embracing the season you are in. Rather you’re single, heartbroken, married, or dating someone. God wants you to honor him, in whatever season you catch yourself in. Don’t try to rush ahead and be in another season, when God is calling you to be in the “now”. Also, don't focus on the few years ahead, or look back to the season prior.

“You’ll have your best year, when you know the value and significance of every day. Every day God gives you is a gift and what you do with that, is your gift back to God.” –Robert Madu


Honor God in this season, despite your relationship status. Have your days count, your years matter, and make the most out of every season. I’ve seen it happen when someone in a relationship has spoken about how it was easier to be single, to not worry about someone else, and the issues that may arise in a relationship. Another example, of EMBRACING the season you’re in. Work towards being the best wife or girlfriend you can be. It’s a little easier to speak from a perspective of being single, well because that’s the season I’m in right now. But I’m close friends with many married couples and it’s such a wonderful sight to see, when you know they’re both working towards loving each other the way God ordains it to be.


Will you not let your relationship status define you? It doesn’t matter what your relationship status is, you will always be loved by God and that within itself is enough! Our main focus and priority, should and always be God. That’s the relationship that matters the most and without understanding that, I don’t believe we can fully function to our fullest potential in any other relationship.


My desire for you is to embrace your relationship with God, rather single or not, we might forget that God romances us. If I can keep it real, I gave my life to Christ over 5 years ago, but it wasn’t until now that I saw his love for me in a greater way. Like he loves me, he really really loves me. I don’t have to question it, second guess it, wonder if today he’s “not feeling it”, but I can truly believe wow- he loves me, every day, every single moment. He wants me to communicate with him, even though he already knows, but just because he wants to hear me out. He wants me to draw close to him, his love is patient, his love is kind, and He doesn't hold any record of wrongs. But on top of that, he wants to romance me, make me fall deeper in love with him.


It might sound silly, but when my favorite things happen out of no where, I give God thanks and see it as a way that God shows he loves me. Like a husband or boyfriend, surprising his significant other with flowers after a long day or taking that special someone  on a surprise date to her favorite place, well I believe God does that too. Please don’t judge me with what I’m about to say, but whenever I see a cute little pup randomly, maybe on campus or when I’m out and about, I always think it’s God surprisingly me with small acts of kindness. Why? Because he loves me and he wants to do those things for me.

I truly believe when we see that everything we need is found in Him, we realize that he alone is enough. Not a husband, not a boyfriend, no relationship status needs to fill us because we know that we’re purposed to live a life being aware that God is enough. We can try to fill in our voids or grab on to relationships to make us feel wanted, desired, and loved, but there's absolutely no one that can do that for us, the way God does and is suppose to be fill those needs. You're so worthy and purposed of love and it's a wonderful gift when God allows us to have a significant other, but always remember the most important relationship and know that you'll never be content if you don't make that known to heart first- that God should captivate your heart first and foremost!


May you be content in the season you find yourself in, embrace it and honor God with it. Over anything else, be aware and let it resonate in your heart that God is enough and the relationship you have with him is what matters the most. You are his beloved and he is yours!


With love,