Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

My pastor, and one of the most remarkable people I've ever had the privilege of working under, Johnnie Wilson has a phrase "Wherever you are, be there." It is a very literal phrase that carries a very spiritual weight. Lately, I've been meditating on the the idea of being still. Unmoved + firmly grounded in a day in age that is constantly in motion. Not only do we live in a generation eternally on the go, we live in the midst of a generation that criticizes us if we are not perpetually "busy". Our stillness in any given season is looked down upon and viewed as laziness. The phrase, "less is more" is a thing of the past. Hustling with no breaks is cool, and sleep is for the weak.

I beg to differ. Seasons of solitude bring clarity, and stillness brings peace, which is a ripple effect into perspective, which results in vision. Stillness doesn't simply result in ordinary vision, it results in heavenly vision, supernatural dreams, and the most innovative God-breathed ideas. Those who have the vision of Heaven from their private moments of stillness often times become visionaries in public. Now, stillness is not just a physical action, it's a state of mind, a posture of the heart.

When God asks you to be still, it is an invitation to rest, and hear what He has to say about your future, dreams, and purpose.

More often than not, God tugs on our hearts to spend quiet time with Him so that so that we can refuel, and hear exactly what He has to say without distraction. For me, beginning the day with a still heart and clear mind is vital. In my case, that may look like a few hours of reading devotionals, praying, and listening to podcasts at the beginning of the day. Other times, stillness looks like 10 minutes of me driving in silence to hear God's voice, and experience His transforming peace in the midst of my busy day. Sometimes, stillness looks like a year of putting my business plans on hold to grow as a person. (I've done all of these, and they have transformed my life drastically) Stillness looks different for us all, whatever being still looks like to you, I encourage you to practice it. Being still takes discipline and intentionality in a world in motion, but it yields life-changing, heart-altering results.

Choosing to be still in our hearts is not always an easy choice. Some days, the weight of the world feels heavier than usual, and an encouraging message from Joyce Meyer playing in the background while zipping through the Starbucks drive-thru on the morning commute just doesn't cut it. I actually think the discipline of incorporating quietness with the Lord is a harder than being busy. Business (whether productive or non-productive) is sometimes a cop-out from dealing with our real internal issues. Occupying every minute of the day with menial tasks and errands can be a subconscious diversion from addressing our junk head-on. By junk, I mean our messiness, our humanity, our secret sins. The pile of skeletons in our closet get higher and higher, and our hearts become harder and harder. We need stillness. Jesus Himself needed stillness.

Here's my challenge to YOU today, be completely still for the next few minutes. Put on that song that brings you instant peace, light a candle, and talk to God. Openly and honestly, allow yourself to be refined and prepared in the season you are presently in for the seasons to come in the future. Exodus 14:14 says

"The LORD will fight for you while you keep still."

What a declaration! Just reading that gives me instant peace.

While we are still, Heaven fights on our behalf. Heaven fights on your behalf. Don't ever forget, YOU are a Daughter of Day, a queen in every sense of the word! We're just here to remind you.

Love you ladies to pieces,