The end.

I feel it coming. Not the end of it all, but the end of right now. I feel as though, since the day I was brought into this world, I've been on a journey. The verse, "I knit you together in your mothers womb" (Psalm 193:13), has always rung intimately true in my life. I've known since the beginning of time I was purposed for more. More than what was right in front of me. More than my two eyes could humanly see. There was a series Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia did a few years ago called Pioneer Again. It was the theme of their vision Sunday and it has always left an imprint on my heart. 

When I think of my parents, specifically my mother, I think of a pioneer. Entering into new, dangerous, untouched territory to make a better future for her and her future kids. For me, and our generation as a whole. My mother left her home country of Suriname, South America for America at the tender age of 19 to pioneer again. To bring hope, wholeness, and purpose to a lineage tainted in reckless living and destructive generational bad habits. There's so much more to my family history than I have time to share, that will be for another day! In this season I'm in, I feel as though I MUST pay honor to my mother and my ancestors, my calling, and my purpose. I too, must pioneer again, I must blaze my own trail as a driven 23 year old woman. I MUST pioneer for myself. I MUST pioneer for my soon-to-be husband. I MUST pioneer for my future kids, I MUST pioneer for women as a whole, I MUST pioneer for you.

I am getting ready to move to a new city in a few months. A foreign city, an uncomfortable city, a BIG city, with new faces and some familiar faces. As hard as change can be, and as troubling as leaving everything you know for a new journey, and a new trail is, that is the life of a pioneer, a trailblazer. We can't stay in the same, comfortable path for too long, we've got lives to change. We don't sit still and get comfortable. We blaze on. We run on. We fight on. Philippians 3:14 says: 

I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.

 This verse has also always hit home for me, because I’ve felt as if my whole life I've faught to be a trailblazer. There were many times when it would've been easy for me to fall into temptation and have pre-marital sex (Abstinence was a personal decision I made as a teenager, because I saw how being sexually active at a young age ruined most of my friends' lives) There were plenty of times I could've smoked a joint, or popped a pill because my friends were, compromise and give up all of my beliefs, morals and convictions for a fleeting moment... but I pioneered on. There were so many times I could've gone to a party, gotten wasted, slept around, but I pioneered on. There were so many times I could've gone behind my parents backs and compromised their trust,  but I pioneered on. There were so many times I could've decided to not put my younger sister first and make reckless decisions because it's what I wanted to do,  so badly, but I always chose to put her first and to be an example of someone she respected so that she would blaze her own purpose-filled trail someday. So I pioneered on. Because of this life I lived, I didn’t always feel understood, I didn’t always feel included, but I felt confident. Confident that the life I led would someday pay off. 

I made plenty of mistakes I’m not proud of along the way. I said some nasty, rude, heartless things to people that crossed me along the way. I didn’t always choose the high-road, but I always left the high-road there as an option. The thing about being a trailblazer is, there's not many of us out there. That's why we’re called trailblazers, we blaze the trail for other people to follow. We are the leaders of this world, the movers and shakers, we're the ones who dream big but we don't just dream big, we go through the grunt work. We endure heartache, we endure minimum-wage jobs to pay and support our dreams, we don't quit when it gets hard. I'll never forget my years of scrubbing toilets to reach my goals. I'm sure you have memories of working in a less-than situation to achieve your dreams. Regardless of the struggle, we PIONEER on. I believe there is a pioneer in all of us. I believe there is a pioneer in you. So today, I challenge you to blaze a new trail. Whether that's breaking up with someone who's been mistreating you, choosing once and for all to to run from that abusive relationship and truly blaze your own trail for the sake of your future kids and their well-being, whether that’s switching majors, or making an apology.. The time is now to live and lead boldly! Whether that's quitting your job, or re-enrolling in school, I challenge you today to do whatever you have to do to blaze a new trail. 


Together, let's all commit to pioneer again, for women all over the globe who can’t do it for themselves. There are so many women in other countries who, because of their religion or their ethnicity, or simply because of where they were born, are forced into less than enjoyable circumstances. Women who have not had access to education, women who have not had access to clean water, women who were forced into motherhood at the age of 13. There are women all over the world who would give anything to be born in the environment in which we live today. For the sake of the world, and for the sake of womanhood as a whole, I challenge YOU to blaze a new trail in your life. Make some tough decisions, sacrifice something. Do something unexpected, something unheard of. Run on, fight on, pray hard. Put your blood, sweat, and tears into something. Find a dream that makes you wake up in the morning. Pioneer again, and never settle for anything less.

Never forget, YOU are a Daughter of Day. A queen, shining bright in this dark world. I’m just here to remind you. 

With love,