You're Worthy of Declaration

You’re worthy of declaring things over your life, the very things God desires for you. There was a season in my life, where I kept asking God for something- I would almost beg and plead with him. "God I just want peace, God I just want to finally let this go, God can you please let me not overthink this?" That’s how many of my prayers would go, it was as if I had to beg God to do those things in my life. During a sermon, I heard this statement that shifted my whole perspective on prayer and asking God.   

"There's some things the enemy wants you to be passive about because he knows it will take longer for you to heal.”

I believe when we become so passive, almost to the point where we don’t really believe God will do what we ask of him, it gives the enemy an opportunity to come in and let you believe you’ll never get to your promise. Throughout the season of continuing to pray and not seeing any of those things take place, I began to doubt that God ever wanted me to attain the things I've been praying for. I felt like my joy was stolen and there was nothing to bring it back. No amount of prayer could cause me to have authentic joy again. I would be happy temporarily, but I wouldn’t see the joy that I knew I can have. The enemy wants us to stay stuck in a place of lost hope, dreams crushed, and of lessened faith. But know you’re worthy of declaration. You need to believe you’re worthy of declaring things over yourself.


If you declare and believe it, see how that healing will take place.  Breakthrough will occur, your situation will be restored, joy will come over you, and peace will surround you. There's a difference between being passive and just praying, then praying and declaring. Declare healing, declare breakthrough, declare joy over you, declare peace that has no understanding. All things God wants for your life, it's free for you to attain, but will you believe it? Will you DECLARE it? I'm living a life of declaration and I see the difference. It's not that my whole situation changed, but my perspective sure did, which in turn changed the whole situation. It looks different because I made the decision- the choice to believe God’s best for me! The practical thing I did, was every morning, I would declare it. Whenever I woke up sad, I would speak “God, I’m healed- today and everyday I find joy because joy is found in you alone." Whenever my mind would wander and I would overthink a situation or start thinking of the past, I would say “God my past doesn’t define me, I already made the choice to not live there, so I will move forward!” It’s becoming aware of the authority we have as believers, you have the authority to speak over your situation, your feelings, and your thoughts.


One of the greatest practical ways, I believe to use authority, is to say scripture over yourself and your situation. A powerful example of this is seen where satan tempts Jesus. In Matthew 4, Jesus is tempted in the wilderness. Satan comes and tries to deceive Jesus and twist scripture. Jesus combats that with authority, he speaks scripture back and defending himself. What I saw is not only did Jesus cite scripture when Satan tried to tempt him, but he was confident! Confident in the word, confident in who he is,  whom he belongs, and he was confident knowing and believing the truth.


Matthew 4:11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.


In this scripture, the devil had to leave Jesus, there was no way he can win Jesus over, no way to shake up who he is, and no way to make Jesus question anything. The enemy has no way in you when you decide to take that authority! Insecurities, doubt, and fear have no place when there’s authority given!


May today will you know that you’re worthy of God’s promises. It’s not just for the ones who seem to have it all together, the ones who are on a platform, or the ones who’ve known Jesus all their life. I am worthy of declaring his promises over my life and so are you. His promises are for all his people, but will we declare it and believe it- is the question. I hope you start to pray, to declare, and not be passive in the things God desires for your life. May you wave the banner of freedom over your life, declare peace over yourself, and speak life into your situation.


Live a life that always chooses to declare his promises over your life, speak His word over your situation, and be confident knowing you're worthy of that! Whatever your need, know you can find it all in Jesus and you're so worthy of declaration!