Heart to Heart with Stephi Velez

Hey, giiiirls! It's been a while since I've posted a NEW video, but I'm so excited to start posting the content YOU guys are requesting on a more consistent basis! This video is the relaunch of our DOD Youtube channel! Eeeek! It's also the beginning of Heart to Heart, a recurring series featuring raw, honest & open conversations I have with women that inspire me. Our first Heart to Heart is with fashion blogger, couples photographer, social influencer, and fellow Youtuber, Stephi Velez! I'm blessed to call her a close friend of mine and know you'll be inspired to reach your full potential and purpose from the genuine words she shares. She truly is the same person in real life she is behind the screen. Kind, genuine, REAL, funny, and kind! She loves Jesus and loves people. She's one of my favorite humans ever! Enjoy! xx (p.s. plz don't roast me on how annoying my voice sounds in this video lolol i promise I don't talk like that in real life?!) *shrinks in a corner.* Love you + cheering you on, Bee.